Title :

FROM SERENDIPITY TO SEA TEST: The Development of A Wave Energy Harvester for Marine Instrumentation Power Application

Speaker :

Dr. Jeffrey T. Cheung

Visiting Professor, Department of Physics

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Venue :

Room 215, William M. W. Mong Engineering Building, CUHK

Date :

Feb 16, 2012, Thursday
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Abstract :

This presentation will give an overview of a small scale device to harvest random wave energy from the sea as a renewable energy source to power marine instrumentation on a buoy platform. The fundamental approach is to generate electricity by moving magnets through a set of coils under random forcing excitation in a linear generator setting. The core element of this technology is a special liquid bearing that can drastically reduce the friction between the magnet and the coils to a negligible level, thus enabling high device efficiency, broadband dynamic sensitivity and short response time in ANY device orientation. This presentation will describe the device development from the initial serendipitous discovery of the liquid bearing, the classical mechanical modeling of device operation, the hardware design, fabrication and the results of numerous wave tank tests and near shore sea tests. All this preparation would eventually lead to a final sea test conducted on a US Naval research vessel on an offshore site under conditions from a very calm 2 knots of wind to a stormy sea state with over 20 knots. Results are in good agreement with hydrodynamic model calculation.

Biography :

張大健博士,1960年從上海移居香港。1965年赴美留學。加州大學化學系畢業後,前往Harvard University進修,從事Molecular Dynamics的研究,取得博士學位。任職Rockwell Science Center 三十一年,參與多項高科技的研發。尤其是在1978年,發明了用高能脈衝激光合成薄膜的方法(Pulsed Laser Deposition), 對薄膜材料和器材作出多方面的貢獻。2001年初,在一個偶然的事件中,發現了一種獨特的材料能使磁性和非磁性物體間的摩擦力降低到幾乎不存在。經過多年研發,成功地將這項技術運用在小規模海洋波浪發電。 把不規則的海浪波動,轉換成電源。適合作為操作各式遠洋浮筒上的探測儀器的能源。多年來,在材料和再生能源的領域,共發表96篇學術論文和獲得26項美國專利。


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