Student Projects

List of Final Year Projects (2013-14)
Mechanical and Automation Engineering Programme

Project Title


Finite Element Analysis of Deep Tissue Injuries

Prof. A. Mak

Evaluating Box Volume using RGB-D Camera System

Prof. C. Wang

Leap Motion Based Modeling in Solidworks

Development of Silicone-Alumina Composites as Thermal Interface Materials 

Prof. D.Y. Xu

Development of an On-chip Flow Cytometer based on Organic Field Effect 

Development of a Flow Cytometer based on Organic Field Effect Transistors 

Cooperated Output Regulation of Multi-agents System 

Prof. J. Huang

Coordinated Control of Multi-Vehicles 
Feedback Linearization and its Applications 
Neurodynamic Optimization Approaches to Collision-Free Motion Planning and Control of Redundant Robot Manipulators 

Prof. J. Wang

Neurodynamic Approaches to Real-time Grasping Force Optimization of Multi-fingered Robotic Hands for Dexterous Manipulations 
Application of Multiple-winners-take-all Neural Networks for Signal or Image Processing 
Data Retrieval Based on Multiple-winners-take-all Neural Networks 
Neurodynamic Optimization for Model Predictive Control with Applications for Steering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 
Crowd Simulation in Training Scenarios of MTR — Scenario Simulation for MTR 

Prof. K.C. Hui

Simulating the Effect of Spin in a Table Tennis Serve - Train up the Ability of Recognizing Spinning in Service 

Study of Nuclear Power Plant Accidents  

Prof. K.L. Wong

Fukushima Nuclear Accident - Design of Drainage Piping System 
Study of Nuclear Power Plant Accidents in Fukushima 
Research of the Chernobyl Disaster and Design for Robot Car Working inside the Chernobyl Power Plant 
Research Investigation of Using Robot to Help the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant to Reconnect the Pipe 

Electrospinning Nanofiber of Electrospinning  

Prof. L.M. Bian

Generation of Gradient Hydrogel By Using Microfluidic Gradient Generator 
Magnetic Helical Propeller 

Prof. L. Zhang

Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Scaled-up Helical Microswimmers 
Design and Construction of a Wooden Bike 
Design, Fabricaton and Characteristics of Scaled-up Helical Microswimmers 
Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Biotemplated helical Microswimmers 
Research about Investigation of a Locally Resonant Beam with Attached Pillar Resonators 

Prof. M. Wang

Research Investigation of Wave Motion in Periodic Flexural Beams with Attached Resonators 
Design a Robot with Dielectric Elastomer Actuators 
Soft Robot – Silicone Body 
Soft Robot - Circuit Design for Higher Voltage Power Supply 
Virtual Library of Mechanical Watch and Clock 

Prof. R.X. Du

Virtual Library of Mechanical Watch and Clock Mechanical Escapement The Girard-Perregaux Constant Force Escapement 
Wire-Driven Robot Fish (Robot Fish Simulation) 
Design and Construction of a Double-Servo-Driven Robot Fish 
Design of a Multiple Degree of Freedom Magnet Coil Actuator for Precision Positioning

Prof. S.C. Chen

Design and Fabrication of GRIN Probe for in Vivo Imaging
Hybrid Assertive Knee Braces with Smart Actuators: Design of Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch for the Smart Actuators

Prof. W.H. Liao

Protable Human Kinetic Energy Harvester using Magnetic Induction
Regenerative MR Dampers for Bicycle Suspensions
Regenerative MR Dampers for Vehicle Suspensions
Aerial Robots

Prof. Y.H. Liu

Swarm Control of Mobile Robots
Design and Realization of a Jumping Robot
Development of a Biped Robot for Automatic Navigation -- Design and Construct a Biped Robot that Travels on Uneven Terrain
Development of Balancing Cube System

Prof. Y. Yam

Design and Construction of the Balancing Cube
Design and Construction of a Heart Monitoring Device
Heart Monitoring Device
An Automated Tennis Score Keeper