1. Government and University

To help needy students meet part of the cost of their university education, the government has made provisions for grants and loans through the Joint Committee on Student Finance. The University and its constituent colleges also administer their own scholarships, bursaries, loans, and campus work scheme.
Students may also obtain financial assistance from the Student Travel Loan Scheme, the Summer Subsistence Loan Scheme, University Bursaries, Interest-free Loans, and the Campus Work Schemes. Further details are available at the Office of Student Affairs of the University and the General Office of the Department.

2. Industrial Scholarships for MAE Department

The Department boasts a strong and generous support from industry on practical training, internship, and scholarships especially for MAE students. With the generous donations from a number of industrial companies, many industrial scholarships are also setup specifically for MAE students: Dahua Education Scholarship, Dr. Robot Creative Science Limited Scholarship, Hip Yick Scholarship, HKMPTA Scholarships, Kin Yip Scholarship, NTK Scholarship, Polywell Scholarships, Pro-Technic Scholarships, and Vigor Scholarships.
MAE is committed to continually reward students with outstanding scholastic records.

3. Scholarships offered by Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering would offer various entrance scholarships to newly admitted students with outstanding public examination results (applicable to applicants with HKDSE or equivalent qualifications).