Financial Assistance

Postgraduate Studentships

Postgraduate Studentships are available for full-time students registered for research degree programmes. Students awarded Studentships will receive stipends in return for assisting in the teaching and research work of the Department.

Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships may be available from individual faculty members with research grants to support full-time students enrolled in the graduate programmes.

Government Grants and Loans

Full-time students who have resided in Hong Kong for at least three years may apply for grants and loans from the Hong Kong Government. Grants are awarded to cover tuition fees and academic expenses while loans are for living expenses. Recipients of loans are required to pay interest and are expected to repay within a specified period after graduation or leaving the University.

Universities Bursaries and Loans

A limited number of bursaries and loans are available for students with emergency needs arising from sudden change of financial conditions. These are to supplement government financial assistance and students should first apply for the government grants and loans. Funds are available only to full time students who are Hong Kong residents.

Other Grants

There are numerous other grants and awards available for qualified graduate students. These include Postgraduate Student Grants for Overseas Academic Activities, CUHK Young Scholars Dissertation Awards, and others.