Computing Facilities

Computer plays an important role in automation and design. Therefore, the Department intends to provide the best computing facilities for our students and researchers.

Computing Laboratories

The Department has two computing laboratories, the General Computing Laboratory (ERB218) and the Faculty Common Computing Laboratory (ERB105). The General Computing Laboratory has 58 Intel-based desktop computers. The Laboratory also offers a wide range of licensed software packages, from general purposes computing, computer programming, computer graphics, to special engineering applications.

The Faculty Common Computing Laboratory was established in 2010. This new laboratory has 26 Intel-based computers with addition software applications for multimedia computing, including 3D modeling and rendering, audio and video editing, etc.

The Faculty Common Computing Laboratory (ERB105) was set up for students of Faculty of Engineering. Currently, there are seven Faculty Common Computing Laboratories in Faculty of Engineering. They are located at:
- Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building (SHB)
• Room 123 • Room 218 • Room 904
- William M. W. Mong Engineering Building (ERB)
• Room 105 • Room 909 • Room 910B • Room 1109

Both laboratories are equipped with LCD projector and color laser printer. We have also installed surveillance cameras and electronic access control system for the laboratories so the laboratories can be open 7 x 24 hours safely.

Computer Network

Our computer network consists of more than 300 servers, workstations, desktop computers, network printers and other network devices. All these devices are connected to the Department network backbone, which was upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet in August 2004 to improve the capacity and performance of our computer network.

Our computer network connects to the Internet via the University's Campus backbone network at Gigabit speed. We have installed firwalls and anti-virus systems to protect our network from various security threats.