Career Prospect

Students graduating from our programme find career opportunities in research, development, and management in high-tech companies in the field of mechanical, manufacturing, assembly, biomedical, aerospace, construction, entertainment, and service engineering. Our graduates are favored by the industries for their broad based training in control, robotics, computational tools, electronics, materials, rapid prototyping, CAD/CAM, image analysis, electro-mechanical devices, product design, and system integration. Many of our graduates are making strong impact as chief engineers, administrators and managers in companies in Hong Kong and the Pearl-River Delta Region. Some are working as consultants or as entrepreneurs for their own startup companies.

Students with strong interest in research can choose to pursue higher degrees at the Department or other universities. Many of them have entered world-famed institutions, such as MIT, UCB, and Cambridge University, for graduate studies. In the Departments relative short history of 19 years, we are proud to have numerous of our alumni already becoming faculty members at reputable universities in USA, Sweden, Australia, Canada, England, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Employment of Graduates:

The inter-disciplinary nature of the program enables its graduates to have more job opportunities.

Employment Statistics of 2016 MAEG Graduates

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